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The following slide deck was published by Corporate Office Properties Trust in conjunction with this event.

Corporate Office

T   able of Contents

I.    Results for 4Q & FY 2018

2020 Recap

4Q & FY 2020 Results

I.II. RFact s up orti& Y 2018          r    th

Healthy DOD Spending Levels

Bi-Partisan Support to Continue Under New

Growth from Development Leasing

Highly Leased Developments Drive NOI Growth

Vacancy Leasing T                             empered by Shutdowns

Strong T             enant Retention

Low Leasing CapX on Renewals

Large Office Lease Expirations

Manageable Future Lease Expirations

Strong Balance Sheet & Liquidity

III. Imsultsct from4Q  OVI -19 on 2020

COPT Minimally Affected by Shutdowns

Outperformance throughout the Pandemic

Collections Update

Vacancy Leasing Impacted

Development Leasing Update

Balance Sheet

Dividend is Well-Covered

IV. RFsult 1Q 2021    & FYi ance

2021 Guidance Highlights

2021 Guidance–Summary of Assumptions

Reminders                         Risks                   Opportunities

V. Appendices

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

A. Definitions & Glossary

B. Reconciliations

B. Reconciliations

B. Reconciliations

Corporate Office


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