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SC&H Group Hosts 2020 Year-End Tax Planning Webinar

The economic, legislative, and policy changes brought about by 2020’s global pandemic bring tax implications for both individuals and businesses. SC&H Group, a leading management consulting, audit, and tax firm, hosted its annual Year-End Tax Planning webinar to review the tax impact of 2020’s new policies and legislation as they pertain to personal and business financial and tax planning strategies, answering the questions around what has changed, what hasn’t changed, and what issues lie ahead.

During the webinar, subject matter experts shared tax implications of the CARES Act, SECURE Act, Maryland’s pass-through entity law, the Paycheck Protection Program, and more to provide insights into the best options for the road ahead.

To listen to any of the webinar recordings below, click here.

Individual Tax Planning

Learn more about retirement and investment planning under the SECURE and CARES Act, as well as miscellaneous income tax and estate/gift tax planning.

Featured Speakers:

  • Greg Horning, co-founder of SC&H Group and managing director of SC&H Financial Advisors
  • Amanda Wilhelm, principal for SC&H Group’s Personal Financial Planning practice SC&H Financial Advisors
  • Chris DeBlanc, senior advisor for SC&H Group’s Personal Financial Planning practice SC&H Financial Advisors

Business Tax Planning

Get insights specific to how the CARES Act impacts 2020 year-end tax planning, the Maryland Pass Through Entity Election, PPP Deductibility, Entity Structuring, and more.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jim Wilhelm, director of the SC&H Group Tax Services team
  • James Eaton, principal of the SC&H Group Tax Services team

Corporate Tax Planning

Understand the corporate tax outlook due to the election and the CARES Act – specifically accounting for income taxes and payroll tax deferral.

Featured Speaker:

  • Michael Bondi, principal of the SC&H Group Tax Services team

For more webinars and helpful resources, head to the SC&H Group Coronavirus Center here.

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