Lorien Updates Brand Personality to Reflect Changes in Modern Healthcare


To reflect its dedication to delivering progressive healthcare and leading the nursing home and assisted living industry into the future, Lorien Health Services has embraced a new logo and tag line, the 40-year-old family-owned company announced today.

Lorien’s new logo presents a more modern aesthetic to better convey the company’s innovative and progressive approach to caring for its aging residents. The new tagline, “Care Forward,” does the same. The new brand personality was created by MGH, an Owings Mills-based marketing agency.

“We use the latest techniques and technologies to care for our residents. We are constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs of a changing population,”said Louis Grimmel, CEO, Lorien Health Services. “Our new logo andtagline fully display that strategy.”

The Maryland-based company’s new logo is intended to capture a sense of growth and independence, showing that no matter where someone is in the aging process, Lorien can help them lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Recent examples of Lorien’s commitment to innovation to better care for and accommodate residents include its telemedicine partnership between University of Maryland Medical System’s Upper Chesapeake Hospital and Lorien’s Harford County communities, as well as the new iPerformance Suites in Lorien’s Howard County community, Encore. Using Curavi Health technology, the telemedicine enables Emergency Room providers to evaluate and treat patients virtually 24-hours per day, without leaving the Lorien facility. This obviously promotes healthcare access and convenience, as well as patient safety by alleviating the need for them to travel to the ER.

Lorien’s team is constantly working to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and to maximize the quality of life for those in their care. They do so not only through the adoption of new technologies but also through the development of new programs. For instance, Lorien has earned praise for its successful initiative to treat those with Parkinson’s disease, which includes specialized therapies and Rock Steady boxing. This year, Lorien will also unveil a unique approach to lymphedema therapy at Encore. Lorien also is believed to be the only nursing home company in Maryland to have tailored programming to meet the specific needs of the Korean community in their Columbia and Mays Chapel locations.

About Lorien Health Services

Lorien Health Services is a family-owned nursing home and assisted living company and industry innovator that operates 10 facilities in Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties, as well as two additional services, Lorien at Home and Lorien Rehabilitation and Fitness, as an extension of the local community. Lorien believes in knowing its neighbors and designing facilities and services to support them.Lorien employs more than 2,300 Marylandersandstrivesto be the employer of choice while helping to sustain Maryland communities.For more information please visit:https://www.lorienhealth.com/maryland-senior-care/about-us/.

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