Five Questions With Ardyth Hall, PUSH511


By Diva Bole, Associate, PK Law

Ardyth Hall, PUSH511 (left) and Diva Bole, PK Law

This interview is part of a continuing series focusing on women entrepreneurs in the greater Baltimore metropolitan region. Over the next several months, PK Law will identify local businesswomen that are making a difference with companies and organizations, serving the local community or rising above a particular challenge to positively impact others. If you are interested in being a part of this series please contact PUSH511 is a boutique exercise and fitness center focusing on group, one-on-one CrossFit training and nutrition that is designed to build strong cores in both mind and body. The concept is located at 3700 O’Donnell Street in the Brewers Hill section of Baltimore City. Ardyth Hall founded the company in 2010 when she shifted gears from working in the real estate investment industry, and looked to inspire others to believe in themselves so they could live a better life. She has never looked back on that decision.

Please explain the distinguishing characteristics of your fitness concept.

For starters, we are a CrossFit gym and have specialized in that form of training since our founding, which focuses on high-intensity core conditioning that never uses any type of typical fitness machines. In addition, we will never have a large number of members as we focus on quality rather than quantity. When people first show interest in joining, we ask them their “personal why?” Yes, they wish to lose weight or tighten up a part of their body, but what is the main reason for this? It could be that their parents had diabetes or that they are getting married soon. PUSH511 is not just about losing weight, gaining muscle and sweaty bodies. Our mission is to achieve great things in the gym and transfer these successes to everyday life.

What makes you so passionate about the business?

I first discovered CrossFit nine years ago after having an epiphany for a career change while working in the real estate investment industry. I was always active before CrossFit, mainly with endurance sports including marathons, cycling and competing in Ironman triathlons when I crossed paths with CrossFit and realized it was appropriate for people of all ages and could change lives. My sister suffered a heart attack and I thought “this did not need to happen.” Nutrition plays a significant role as you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. CrossFit became our entry into this concept but we also offer nutrition coaching, personal training, corporate wellness and, next month, we are launching a kids program. Each Friday morning we open the gym to the Adaptive Athletes at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Next year as part of our nutrition coaching, we are rolling out the Nourishing Alliance to help people dealing with eating disorders.

Please talk more about the role nutrition plays in achieving overall health?

We have a fitness pyramid posted in the gym and the base is labeled “nutrition.” That is the foundation for overall health and everything starts there. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. We have had people that have gone off their blood pressure medication and lowered their blood sugar levels using smarter diets and exercise. Sugar is absolutely the worst thing that a person can eat. Everyone’s goal should be to “eat clean” which means lean protein, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit and little starch while avoiding processed foods and sugar. The goal is “Eat to train, not train to eat.”

What are your thoughts about New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or exercise more?

I truly don’t want a big rush of people each January because, if that is their mentality, it is not likely to be a long-term mission. Deciding to achieve overall health is a mind-set that requires a complete attitude change. We have a Fall Food Challenge running now that aims to “prep people’s mind and body for the holidays.” Everyone knows they will overeat during the holidays so this will help them deal with it. Critical to success is accountability and we have coaches that track and measure this. It is goal-oriented and circles back to their personal “why?” If they remember the ”why,” then people will keep coming back. Every day your resolution should be “what can I do today that I didn’t accomplish yesterday?”

What drew you into this profession?

I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my job and just flat-out quit, traveled and took some time off. After stumbling across CrossFit, I came to love the workout and the business philosophy. Back in 2009, the concept was still relatively new and I considered this an up-and-coming venture that I was committed to. You can also do it forever and it is scale-able to anyone at any age, I started in my mid-40s and, now 56, do not plan on stopping ever. People come here and perform the first pull-up in their life. Then, they go back to their job and can’t overcome a certain project. After a few minutes it dawns on them that “I DID MY FIRST PULL-UP. I CAN DO ANYTHING.” Yes, we are about the physical, but the biggest challenge is overcoming what is going on between the ears.

Diva Bole is an associate in PK Law’s Corporate and Real Estate Group. She focuses her practice area on business formation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial lending, financing and leasing, complex contracts, and corporate restructuring. Prior to joining PK Law, Diva was an associate at Potter Anderson & Corroon, LLP in Wilmington, Delaware, where she focused her practice on mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions for public and privately held corporations. Diva can be reached at 410-938-2645 or

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