Steve Adler, Interprise Partners, Interview with Robert Wallace, Mayoral Candidate


Bob Wallace is a Baltimore Native, business owner, entrepreneur, and community leader. Growing up in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of South Baltimore amid poverty and racial segregation, Bob overcame social and economic obstacles through his personal rags-to-riches journey to become a successful business leader and philanthropist. Coining the phrase “Mayor-preneur,” Bob has over 30 years of business experience and a proven track record of success. As mayor, Bob will use Economic Empowerment and Focused Deterrence to bring real change to Baltimore. Bob was educated in Baltimore City and currently lives in Baltimore. As a native and a business leader with offices headquartered in Baltimore, Bob wants what is best for this city and for his fellow residents.

Steve Adler - A business leader with a 40 plus career of ascending successes in corporate, individual and community involvement. Steve founded and grew a successful retail chain encompassing 23 stores in seven states and the District of Columbia, with $18 million in annual sales, and 155 full-time professional staff successfully negotiated sale of the company to a multi-billion public company. As an exceptional manager with strong staff development, he was able to turn around a struggling commercial and tourist center (Historic Savage Mill-Circa 1822) and created a thriving enterprise.

A local and community business leader with a strong reputation for achievement, integrity and consensus-building, he has served on various boards including the Howard County YMCA, as Board Chair and Howard County Economic Development Authority where he was appointed by the County Executive.

Interview Questions:

Q1: Why now? Why are you running for mayor of Baltimore and not only running, but running as an independent in a democratic dominated city?

Q2: Is now the right time for a non-politician or change agent to lead the city?

Q3: What are three of the most important issues facing this city and how would you address them?

Q4: As Baltimore works to emerge from the economic and other challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in the future, what are some of the strategies needed to help the city succeed?

Q5: What are the overlooked opportunities for economic development and job creation in Baltimore, and how will you encourage their implementation?

Q6: Baltimore has at least 15,000 vacant homes throughout the city. How do you see your administration addressing this issue?

Q7: What transportation strategies would you pursue to help city residents access jobs?

Q8: What can Baltimore do to encourage commercial and residential revitalization in neighborhoods away from the waterfront?

Q9: If a billionaire investor called you and wanted to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Baltimore, how would you direct those funds to be spent?

Q10: How do you see Baltimore working collectively with the counties?

Q11: What do you love most about the city?

Q12: Four years from now, whether you are running for reelection or not, what does Baltimore look like? What accomplishments do you think will be achieved over your first term? 

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